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  • ePMF Deadlines and Updated Documentation (added 12/6/16)

    Please be advised that while the deadline for teachers to submit their BEDS (ePMF) forms is February 24, 2017, districts may want to consider setting an earlier deadline.  This will allow administrators time to review, submit and certify the data by March 3, 2017.  Administrators can currently view and modify teacher ePMF forms in TAA, but the certify button will not be available until February 24th.

    Updated documentation regarding reporting Staff data has been posted Please see "Reporting SIRS Staff Data to NYSED.PDF", where you will find new information highlighted in Yellow.   This includes new guidance on reporting Itinerant Staff.

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  • Procedures for Requesting Test Read Forms for NYS Grades 3-8 ELA Tests (added 11/30/16)

    The attached memorandum provides additional information you will need to request Grades 3-8 NYS English Language Arts (ELA) Assessments due to recent changes in allowable testing accommodations (see  Procedures for requesting Test Read Booklets for ELA from the online examination request system ( are outlined in the attached memorandum.

    Please make this memorandum, as well as the information on the changes to testing accommodations, available to principals and testing coordinators responsible for requesting your school’s Grades 3-8 State Assessments. If you have any questions, please contact our Operations Group at 518-474-8220 or fax 518-474-2021.

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  • CBT: Updated Computer-Based Question Sampler (added 11/30/16)

    This communication provides information about the release of the NYS 3-8 ELA and MATH CBT Question Sampler for 2016-17 school year

    • The updated Question Sampler can be accessed at
    • School participation in operational computer-based testing and stand-alone field testing on computers will be voluntary for spring 2017 and can be selected through the NYSED’s online examination request system.
    • Details about “tech readiness” as well as other CBT resources are available under “Resources” on the CBT Support website:
    • Please send any questions or comments about the updated Question Sampler to
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  • NYSED has Loaded Enrollment File to Educator Portal (added 11/28/16)

    NYSED has loaded an enrollment file to Educator Portal on behalf of New York districts and schools for the 2016-17 NYSAA ELA and mathematics administration.   

    Students attending public schools, Charter schools, BOCES and non-public schools (outside of NYCDOE) coded as NYSAA-eligible who were in the State Student Information Repository System (SIRS) as of Friday, November 18, 2016 were included in this enrollment file submission.

    It is the responsibility of District Test Coordinators to review the information in Educator Portal and ensure accuracy and completeness of enrollment.  District Test Coordinators will need to add or exit students as needed.

    With students now in the system, District Test Coordinators can also begin creating rosters to connect students to teachers. 

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  • Cognos Upgrade (added 11/22/16)

    MORIC technical staff have completed the upgrade to Cognos 10.2.2.  District and school staff should now utilize the new link to the Cognos website at  Links on the main MORIC website have also been changed to the new site.

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  • NYSESLAT Score Reports Available (11/1/16)

    The NYSESLAT (NYS English as a Second Language Achievement Test) score reports, also known as “Parent” Reports, are now available on L2RPT (Cognos State Reports) in the Score Reports folder (SIRS-503).

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  • Monthly Data Loads (added 10/11/16)                       

    We will be performing the monthly data loads next week, October 17-21.  We will be loading Demographics/Enrollment, Program Services, SE Snapshot, Assessments, Day Calendar, Student Daily Attendance and Staff files.  

    NYSED to Submit One-Time Enrollment File to Educator Portal for 2016-17 NYSAA Administration (added 10/11/16)

    For the 2016-17 NYSAA ELA and mathematics administration, NYSED will submit one enrollment file to Educator Portal on behalf of districts and schools.

    The target date to load all NYSAA-eligible students (Program Service code 0220) to Level 2 is Thursday, November 3rd, 2016.  This should allow districts sufficient time to review the data and submit any corrections or additional records by the final deadline of Thursday, November 10th.* 

    *Any students that are not loaded by this date will have to be manually entered into the Educator Portal (KITE) system before testing begins.



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  • Guidance on Reporting Pre-K in SIRS (added 9/27/16)

    Please click here for a memo and chart from the Office of Early Learning that contains important information on reporting PK children in SIRS.

    Online Ordering of January 2017 Regents exams (added 9/27/16)

    NYSED has announced that schools may now order their January 2017 Regents and RCT examinations (booklets) via their online ordering system (  Online requests for January examinations must be submitted no later than November 18, 2016.

    *Please note – Secondary Principals/Regents contacts will receive information to order Regents Answer Sheets in early December via e-mail from Datareadiness.  We do not provide answer sheets for RCT’s or Restricted exams.

    Deadline for August Graduates to Level 2 (added 9/27/16)

    Please be advised that the deadline to report August 2016 Credentials awarded and Secondary-level examination results (Regents/RCT’s), for inclusion in the press release on Graduation Rate, is Thursday, November 17th.   

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  • Staff Evaluation Deadline: (added 9/20/16)

    The original October 27, 2016 deadline has been extended to November 17, 2016 for the 2015-16 evaluation data submission to accommodate the first-time submission of both original and transition (as applicable) scores and ratings.  Therefore, the original November 4, 2016 certification deadline has been extended to December 2, 2016.

    Reminder on PD Data System Deadlines: (added 9/20/16)

    The certification due date for the VR 11, VR 12 and VR 14 is Monday, September 26.  Any SE Events data must be loaded to Level 2 by COB this Thursday, September 22.

    Enhancements in Staff and Course Data Collections for 2016-17: (added 9/20/16)

    Please see the following document for important information on enhancements in Staff and Course Data collections for the 2016-17 school year:

    Other information about Teacher and Staff data collection for 2016-17, including user guides, can be found on the main page:

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