• Out of Certification Reports (added 7/17/17)

    The Office of Teaching Initiatives has reviewed an issue with the 3116 Assignment code for 6th Grade English and advised on rerunning the reports to remove some teachers deemed to have appropriate certification. Notification will be sent to CEOs when the reports are posted to the Business Portal.

    We do not know at this point when that will be.  The SED timeline will be adjusted as needed.

    For questions regarding certifications, please contact the Office of Teaching Initiatives at or at 518-474-3901.  

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  • TSDL/Staff Assignment Deadline Extended (added 6/1/17)

    The TSDL (Staff Student Course) and Staff Assignment Data Deadline was extended.

    Data will be due to the NYSED data warehouse (Level 2) by June 15th.  A June 16th data extract will be used for the generation of growth scores. 

    The certification form is due by June 23rd, and will be available in the NYSED Business Portal June 16th.

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  • Tested/Not Tested Reports (added 5/9/2017)

    The Tested/Not Tested Reports (SIRS-301,302) for ELA are now available on L2RPT (Cognos State Reports).   The reports now include refusals.  Please check your reports to see if all students are included in the appropriate areas and inform us of any discrepancies.

    Upcoming Deadlines (added 5/9/2017)

    •  Thursday, May 25 - Course Instructor Assignment and Student Class Entry Exit Data Due to Level 2
    • Thursdsay, June 1 - Staff Student Course (TSDL records) and Staff Assignment data for Principals due to to Level 2.  These are to be used for 2016-17 Teacher and Principal State-provided growth score calculations.
    • Friday, June 9 - Staff Student Course (TSDL) and Staff Assignment Data Statement of Certification due
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  • Clarification of 4+1 Graduation Pathway Options (added 5/4/2017)

    Reporting Career Path Code “HUM”
    Students must always be reported with Career Path Code “HUM” if they passed one Regents or Department-approved alternative in English, Math, and Science and two Regents exams in Social Studies, regardless of whether or not the student also passed additional Regents examinations, Department-approved alternatives, pathway assessments in the Arts, Career and Technical Education, or Biliteracy (LOTE) assessments, and/or met the requirement of a CDOS pathway.

    Students should only be reported with a Career Path Code other than “HUM” if the student passed only one Social Studies Regents examination and passed an additional Department-approved pathway assessment or met the requirements for the CDOS pathway (others besides HUM or NONE), or if the student received a credential but no diploma (NONE).

    Please click here to reference the complete April 2017 NYSED memo to clarify the 4+1 Graduation Pathway Options.


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  • Level 0 12.03 release (added 4/10/17)

    A new release of Level 0 has been applied.  We are pleased to announce that a new “Course Roster by Teacher” Report for CIA (Course Instructor Assignment) & SCEE (Student Class Entry Exit) is available, among other important updates and fixes. 

    You can access these from the “Reports” menu, by clicking on either “Class Entry Exit” or “Course Inst. Assign.”, then choose the “Course Roster by Teacher” in the darker blue bar (as shown below).  This will display all Teachers, with the number of Student Records for each Teacher.  


    You can then click on the Staff ID of a particular teacher to display the students and what courses they are in.

    data 2  


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  • Additional Level 0 Automated Loads (added 4/3/2017)

    We are excited to announce an enhancement to your Level 0 service.  Starting Monday, April 10th, we will begin automating the loading process for several additional data files.  Specifically, assessment, student daily attendance, day calendar, staff/student/course and course instructor assignment data elements will be imported daily.  Additionally, as you are aware, student lite (demographics) and student entry exit (enrollment) files have been imported daily since February 6th.  As a result of these enhancements, users will have access to current data in Level 0 each morning.

    Please note, data is not being automatically loaded to the State.  Data must always be reviewed in Level 0 by your district to correct any applicable errors before being locked and requested to be sent up to the State. If this data is loaded to the State more frequently, it should help to reduce your UIAS report errors.

    If you have any questions about this transition, please contact Dan Chmielewski at 361-2700 Option 5.


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  • NYSED allowing changes to Grad Rate data (added 2/27/17) 

    There were specific schools and districts that reported finding graduation rate data errors after the collection deadline.  Due to the major discrepancies for these schools, districts, and regions, the Department will release an updated 2012 cohort graduation rate on the public data site

    Data received in L0H (Level 0 Historical) by Thursday, March 23rd, and any applicable August Grads for the 2016-17 SY, will be used by the Department to update the 2012 Cohort Grad Rate.  LEAs should be making those changes in Level 0 Historical now so they are in place by Thursday, March 23rd.  

    Please note: If changes are made to Graduation Rate after March 23rd, the changes will still be received through the end of year / close of the L2 Container (now August 25, 2017), but only the corrections received by Thursday, March 23rd will be reflected in the public data site update.

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  • Reminder for 2016-17 Staff data due (added 2/7/2017)

    The deadline for teachers to submit ePMF forms (BEDS) is February 24, 2017.  Deadline to certify ePMF forms is March 3, 2017.

    All non-teaching professional staff data (for Personnel Master file (PMF) purposes) is due March 3, 2017.  This is collected from the Staff Snapshot and Staff Assignment data that is loaded to Level 2 by the deadline.  Non-Teaching Professional Staff Profile reports are currently available via the NYS Application Business Portal’s IRSP application, and will be refreshed tomorrow, Wednesday, February 8th.

    For further information on this data collection and timelines, please visit the NYSED Teacher/Staff Data page at

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  • Teacher Student Roster Verification (TSRV) now available in TAA (added 1/25/17)

    For districts that have loaded their Staff/Student/Course data to Level 2, the TSRV is now available to review in TAA (Teacher Access and Authorization).  Only 3-8 ELA & Math and HS Regents Math teachers that are linked to the appropriate State Course Codes will have rosters to verify.  

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  • ePMF Deadlines and Updated Documentation (added 12/6/16)

    Please be advised that while the deadline for teachers to submit their BEDS (ePMF) forms is February 24, 2017, districts may want to consider setting an earlier deadline.  This will allow administrators time to review, submit and certify the data by March 3, 2017.  Administrators can currently view and modify teacher ePMF forms in TAA, but the certify button will not be available until February 24th.

    Updated documentation regarding reporting Staff data has been posted Please see "Reporting SIRS Staff Data to NYSED.PDF", where you will find new information highlighted in Yellow.   This includes new guidance on reporting Itinerant Staff.

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