• The Data Warehouse service provides the tools and support to ensure that all data required by the state can be accurately loaded to the data warehouse. Data is sourced from several feeder systems, many of which are supported by the MORIC. These systems include student management, special education, human resources, academic intervention services, cafeteria management, test scoring, and educator management systems.

    Multiple levels of the data warehouse provide school districts the ability to step through verification of the data throughout the school year. Data periodically flows from these source systems into Level 0 (where data is edited/corrected), to Level 1 (Cognos local report access), and to Level 2 (L2RPT – Cognos State Reports, PD Data), as school districts work to successfully meet their federal and state reporting requirements.

    If at any time you need data warehouse assistance, call 1-866-986-6742, option# 5 or 315-361-2720 or email datareadiness@moric.org for support.