State Leadership Goals

Current Goals

State Technology Leadership

  • Work in conjunction with members of the State Education Department in order to enhance state, regional, and local technology plans and related processes.
  • Provide assistance to the Smart Schools Review Board and New York State school districts, as the state implements the Smart Schools Bond Act.
  • Continue to partner with NYSED in order to provide districts with support related to computer-based testing initiatives (DLM and Questar). 
  • Provide data, as requested, to NYSED and other partners, in order to inform state and national broadband initiatives and programs.
  • As 93% of NYS school buildings meet broadband capacity standards, explore opportunities to expand regional networks in order to support other agencies, such as public libraries.
  • Explore new partnerships with NYSCATE, ISTE, CoSN, and other technology leadership organizations.
  • Continue to work collaboratively on bids, RFPs, and contracts that address statewide needs and leverage economies of scale.
State Data Leadership
  • Monitor, enhance, and expand the RICs' Common Data Views Initiative.
  • Work in conjunction with Questar Assessment, Inc., NYSED, and the large city school district scanning centers to make necessary modifications to existing NYS assessment processes and support services (including, but not limited to, answer sheet development, data warehouse, scanning and scoring, and instructional reports).
  • Develop strategic plans to improve data analysis reports and dashboards.
  • Develop strategic plans to increase the number of stakeholders with electronic access to RIC-developed instructional reports.
  • Work in conjunction with NYSED to provide educators with early access to 2016-2017 incoming student reports.
  • Continue to assist NYSED in communicating important information related to NYS data, assessment, and accountability initiatives.
  • Monitor, expand, and refine the data integration, federation, and security initiatives.
  • Work in conjunction with the NYS Chief Privacy Officer to provide leadership related to Education Law 2-D.