Regional Student Data Dashboard

Regional Student Data Dashboard

The Regional Student Data Dashboard is an interactive data tool that provides user-enhanced data visuals of student-level data in three key categories: academic data, attendance data, and discipline data. These different data areas are traditionally sourced from multiple data sources such as the Schooltool, Cognos, and local assessment platforms. Data and programming experts at the MORIC have unified these data sets into a single, user-friendly dashboard that aligns with MTSSi/MTSS/RTI/AIS data-supported initiatives.

The Regional Student Data Dashboard will be live for district use in the Spring of 2024. Sign up for one of the five PD opportunities to obtain your credentials, learn how the dashboard works, and chat about integrating this data resource into your district’s current plans and goals. The session flyer is linked HERE, and you can register on MORIC’s Regional PD Calendar.

Here are a few more details to get you excited about the new Regional Student Data Dashboard:

- This dashboard was created in the 20-21 school year and piloted around the region in the 21-22 school year. During the 22-23 school year, the Regional Student Data Dashboard was updated to reflect users' requests throughout the regional pilot.

- The data in this dashboard updates nightly, so you have the most current information at your fingertips.

- There are six role-based access levels available to users, so the experience is customized. Users don’t get too much data or too little data. They get what is right for their role.

- The Regional Student Data Dashboard contains tutorial videos and printable instructions to make the experience a positive and productive toe-dip into rich and engaging data-driven conversations.