District Software Inventory


NYS Ed Law 2-d requires third party contractors with school districts who receive student information to abide by certain identified measures to protect student privacy such as maintaining privacy and protecting in accordance with district policy and having a Data Security and Privacy Plan. Full details of  the requirements of the Plan can be found in Part 121.6 HERE.


In order to provide parents with more transparency with how their child’s data is being used and protected, the district is required to post an inventory of our subcontractors that collect/process student information along with the Supplemental Information for each of these contracts. Supplemental Information can be viewed HERE and includes the following information:

  • Exclusive purpose for data use
  • Subcontractor management processes

  • Contract duration

  • Data destruction practices

  • Data accuracy challenge procedures

  • Data storage / processing locations

  • Security protections in place

  • Encryption practices

Please note, where a contractor or information system is listed in our inventory and no supplemental information is displayed, the district is in process of pursuing the necessary contract language with that entity.