Why Choose MORIC

Why should districts and BOCES choose MORIC for their educational technology needs? 


1. We understand schools' needs. We serve 50 school districts and four BOCES, and we work closely with all of our component leaders. Many of our staff members are certified teachers and school administrators with a deep interest in enhancing teaching and learning through technology. We are attuned to the current and future needs of schools, administrators, teachers, and students. 


2. We set regional standards. Our leadership uses rigorous standards to evaluate new hardware, software, and technology entering the market to ensure that districts are utilizing cost-effective and educationally sound products that improve instruction and school operations.


3. We serve as a liaison with vendors. Our staff screens vendors for reliability and responsiveness, and it handles contract and price negotiations so districts can receive quality products and services while spending time on their day-to-day work. We continually monitor vendors and their products for changes in leadership and service quality, and we will advocate vendors on districts' behalf. 


4. We offer high-quality and immediate technical support. Our school districts are our only clients, and we have staff located throughout the four-BOCES region. Our technical and customer service experts are available quickly and are focused on your needs.


5. We pride ourselves on great customer service. Whether it's a direct link to a familiar face or a call to our Help Desk, our customer service staff will make sure your needs are met.


6. We are flexible. We can tailor services to meet your district's needs. With the variety of services we offer and our capacity for shared staff, we can offer districts flexible service plans that meet their needs and their budgets.


7. We have purchasing power. We work with vendors on behalf of a large number of schools and communities, which increases our purchasing power and our leverage in negotiations. 


8. We are at the forefront of statewide technology initiatives. MORIC is involved in a number of statewide technology initiatives and many of our staff members hold leadership positions on statewide committees. We are in constant contact with other RICs and discuss technology trends and emerging needs regularly to keep our school districts informed about what is coming.


9. We offer extensive professional development. Our staff are experts in their fields and lead hundreds of in-person and web-based workshops and training for administrators, teachers, technology coordinators, and technical support staff across the region. We offer regional and single district professional development opportunities to meet local needs.


10. We are experts in our fields. Our staff is well-versed and highly trained in key areas, including technology integration, data analysis, technical services, and business operations software. In addition, we leverage the expertise of staff from our participating BOCES to ensure we have the most current information in the legal, business, instructional, communication, facilities management, and security fields.