Optional Expenses

Please adhere to the following criteria for district-hosted workshops:

  • Representatives from multiple districts must be able to register for the training.
  • A minimum of one-third (1/3) of the seats must be reserved for out-of-district participants.
  • The identified training site must have the software and hardware necessary to accommodate all participants.

Optional Expense Reimbursement through the Model Schools Program is used to aid district expenses associated with staff development in educational technology such as:

  • Costs for substitute coverage when teachers attend Model School sessions.
  • Stipends paid to teacher-trainers for staff development sessions offered through Model Schools.
  • Stipends paid to teachers for participation in Model Schools’ activities held outside the school day.

Effective July 1, 2019, here are the procedures for instances when a teacher attends a Model Schools workshop outside of their regularly scheduled workday and is entitled to a stipend payment:

  • The school district will process payment to the teacher through the district payroll.
  • The district will submit a stipend reimbursement form, authorized by the Superintendent or
    Business Official, to the Mohawk Regional Information Center.
  • Attendance at the eligible activity will be verified by the appropriate personnel in the Model
    Schools Department.
  • Madison-Oneida BOCES will reimburse the school district at the hourly rate authorized for that
    district’s BOCES region.
  • The district will be billed through a cross contract with Madison-Oneida BOCES in the amount of
    the district payment, plus a processing fee.

Below you will find an updated stipend and substitute reimbursement form, to be used for any and all reimbursements under the Model Schools CoSers, effective July 1, 2019.