NYSED Technology Plan

2022-2025 NYSED Technology Plan

The NYSED Technology Plan is designed to enable districts to compile all their data related to technology planning and needs in one online portal. Data collected in the survey may be used as the basis for funding opportunities and satisfies the NYSED requirement that schools districts submit technology plans per the Commissioner's Regulations.


Key Due Dates
-April 22, 2022: District Due Date for MORIC Certified Review 
-June 30, 2022: District Reviewed Plan Submitted to NYSED by MORIC Certified Reviewers 

MORIC Certified Review Process

Step 1: District Update NYSED Technology Plan in SEDDAS Portal 

Step 2: Superintendent Submits Plan through SEDDAS 

Step 3: District Emails  [email protected] to Notify of Submission

Step 4: RIC Certified Reviewer Will Review (3-week estimate) 

Step 5: Revisions Needed - Reviewer will comment on technology Plan as needed and “Un-submit” the Plan to primary district contact with checklist and notations. District will receive email notification of return. Repeat Steps 1-3. District will need to complete edits and resubmit through the SEDDAS Portal for review until revisions are complete. 

Step 6: When no further revisions are required, the RIC Reviewers will submit the district’s Instructional Technology Plan through the SEDDAS portal to NYSED.

Key Contacts

Maria Rocker
[email protected]
John-Henry Lane
[email protected]